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About Gaichu
You're a ladybug. As such, your sole goal in life is to eat as many aphids as you can. Unfortunately, there are harmful insects (Gaichu) out there that delight in preventing you from reaching that goal.

Spin walls to protect yourself! Collect multipliers to send your score to astronomical heights! Grab the letters to win extra lives and continues! Marvel at the amazing 3D graphics! Listen to glorious outdoorsie sounds and spiffy music! Learn to overuse exclamation points!

Gaichu is the perfect game for anyone who likes a little strategy with their arcade action!



  • Mac OS X
  • 300MHz G3
  • nVidia GeForce 2 MX or ATI Rage 128
  • 32MB RAM or more
  • 15MB free hard drive space


About uDevGame
Gaichu is entered into the 2003 uDevGame contest. This is a Macintosh game development contest that was started to energize game development on the Macintosh platform, as well as to educate future game developers with the release of source code. Prizes are given away as an added incentive to developers. If you like Gaichu please do me a favor and vote for it. There are door prizes for voters, so if you'd like to win a free game then you have no excuse not to. Please try out the other games as well, as the other developers have all worked hard in the past three months on their own entries.

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You're a ladybug and your objective is to collect all the aphids (yellow dots), bonus multipliers (stars), and letters in each level to move on to the next. Periodically, harmful insects (Gaichu) will spawn from the center of the map and begin to hunt you. Touch a Gaichu or pickup a poisonous skull & crossbones and you will lose a life. Run out of lives and the game is over. As you have no defenses of your own, you must avoid the Gaichu by turning the moveable stone walls placed throughout the level. The Gaichu can't push the walls themselves, so you can stay safe by constantly outmaneuvering them. You can also lead a Gaichu into a poison pickup to send them back to the center temporarily.

The letters and bonus multipliers scattered around the map will change colors from red, to yellow, to blue, and back again. Collect a multiplier while it's blue to increase the current score multiplier. Collect letters while red to spell out "SPECIAL" and while yellow to spell out "EXTRA". Finishing "SPECIAL" will grant a continue that will automatically be used when the ladybug runs out of extra lives. Finishing "EXTRA" will grant an extra life. Finishing either will also end the current level and move the player on to the next. After all the Gaichu have spawned, a vegetable will be left in their place. Collect this vegetable for big points and to also freeze the Gaichu in their tracks temporarily. If a Gaichu dies and is respawned, then another vegetable will be spawned as well.

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